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Simone Governali is an Italian producer and musician born in Chivasso (TO) on October 23, 1986. Producer of the Sonik & Neja project, which from 2011 to 2016 will bring him guest to the most prestigious clubs, discos and festivals throughout Europe. Over 250 tour dates.Producer of the musical format Supersonika, a musical container in which he involves an endless series of national and international dance artists! In 2018 a new collaboration is born with the international artist Jay Santos, author of the world hit “Caliente”. Sonik feat Jay Santos present MAMY DON’T CRY! In 2020, at the end of “A Summer That Never Was” Sonik, together with singer Johnson Righeira releases a new version of “L’estate sta finendo”, an unmistakable 80’s cult by Righeira! On November 20, 2020 Sony Music Italy distributes the single “LOVER” all over the world.In August 2021 Sonik releases the single “Oh My”, a promotional spot for Yamaha Motors Europe, distributed by Sony Music.

DOB: 02/10/1991

Education: MSc (ITE)


+(123) 456 - 7890